Updated 8/28/2011:

If you have a product or service you would like to promote, you can feel free to contact me directly via the form below or via email at knittingandsundries(AT)gmail(DOT)com. I know that it is sometimes difficult to get word out for your goods and I will be more than happy to help you with publicity and an honest, well-written, thoughtful review.

Blog reviews are a very inexpensive way for you to promote your products.  Most blog readers tend to value the opinion of 'someone like them' over any other type of advertising (I know that I do!)

Because this is my personal blog, I have to feel that your product is a good fit for me and for my readers, 

I am a mom of four and a grandmother of four with a large age range (my daughters are 27, 22, 18 and my son is 11).  My grandchildren are 2, 4, 4, and 6.  I think that means that we have about all ages covered here for product reviews!  :)

There are various methods available for PR here.

Ad Space: Rates begin at $10/month for a 125 x 125 sidebar advertisement which will be listed in a sponsor ad space before the 'jump' on the page.  Other rates and sizes are available.  Simply request a media kit in the comments section of the form below.

Product review:  Please provide a full-size product(s) for review.  Allow up to 4-5 weeks for me to try out and fully review the product before I post. I will review the product(s) and post pictures, links, etc.  I will also promote the review post for you.  Once the review is posted, I will provide you with the direct link to the post.

Review products will not be returned; they will either be kept, regifted or donated to a local community and/or church group.

Sponsored posts:  I will accept a sponsored post with monetary compensation, but ONLY if I personally like the product and/or feel that it would be something that my readers would like.  Any sponsored post will be clearly identified as such in the title of the post.

Product review/giveaway:  In my opinion, these tend to draw the most visitors to both blogs and to the sponsor website.  When I do a giveaway, unless you specify otherwise, the mandatory entry will almost always be that the entrant visits your website and then comes back with a specific comment (favorite item, something they learned) about the site and/or products.

The review will be written as described above, but there will also be a giveaway associated with it.  The general rule is that the giveaway will run for two weeks, but that can be lengthened or shortened if you wish.

There will always be extra entries available.  For example, the entrant will be able to get extra entries for writing their OWN blog post about the giveaway.  This generates more traffic by getting other blog readers to come visit.  You can also request specific methods (sign up for your email list, become a follower on Facebook or Twitter, etc.) that will generate more return visits to your site in the future.

The giveaway prize can be the same product I reviewed, a similar or better product, a specific  amount to spend on the website (in this case, I ask that the amount be sufficient enough to allow a relatively large choice of items from your website including shipping and handling), or a gift card or gift certificate (same guidelines as specific amounts).

Once a winner is drawn, I will provide their mailing address to you for prize shipment.  If you would prefer me to ship the prize, please let me know and we can work it out ahead of time.  I also request that giveaway prizes be shipped out in a timely fashion, as this will reflect well on both of us.

Please note:  I will only provide my honest opinion of the product(s).  If I feel that there are negative factors, I will notify you prior to posting my review.  You will then have the option to either cancel the post or allow me to post my full opinion (both positive and negative) on the product.

I will not place more than two keyword links in my post.

Unless the product value is more than $50, I will not run a sponsor giveaway where the required entry is for the visitor to follow, like, subscribe, etc.  I can make these available as extra entries.

At this time, I will not accept straight monetary compensation in exchange for a review, as I feel that this tends to at the very least present a perception of bias, especially for me as a relatively new blogger.  I write this blog for my own pleasure, and I love giving readers the opportunity to learn about and try products and services that I find interesting.

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