Identity by Mark Hosack - Excerpt and GIVEAWAY (Internat'l through 10/16/2012)

10/02/2012 07:41:00 PM

ANOTHER International giveaway (gosh, I love being able to do these)!

This time, we have what looks to be a wonderful thriller:

Identity by Mark Hosack
Identity by Mark Hosack
only available as an eBook from Pocket Star eBooks (a division of Simon and Schuster)

Goodreads description:

The corporate greed of Wall Street meets the Hitchcockian suspense of North by Northwest in this thrilling debut by screenwriter Mark Hosack.

A secret best told on the run…

One day Paul Majors is a respectable businessman looking into some accounting irregularities in his office’s parent company. The next, he’s wading through a murky world of dark finance, uncovering a vast web of illegal activities in the CEO’s executive circle, being hunted by a ruthless corporate assassin and the FBI, and getting sucked into a second company’s illicit dealings.

As he travels across the United States to unravel the twin mysteries he’s caught in, it’s not clear who Paul can trust—or even who is who. The woman who seduced him at the hotel bar might be there to help, or take him out. The government agents change with a chameleon’s ease. Heck, even Paul’s running around under an assumed name!

In this corporate shell game of names and motivations, Paul’s got 1,500 loyal employees—and his own life—on the line. But it’s becoming dangerously clear that Paul himself is not Too Big to Fail…or be killed


WIN IT:  The publisher is offering a chance for one of my readers to win a copy of this title!

Wanna win?  Here's how:
HOW TO ENTER (PLEASE READ - commenting alone will NOT enter you):


1.  Leave a blog post comment - tell me what you think of the excerpt and/or book description or leave the name and author of a GREAT thriller that you've read! Please include your email address like this or similar to prevents spambots:  knittingandsundries(at)gmail(dot)com

2.  Then scroll up to the Rafflecopter form (you MUST have Javascript enabled to see the form):  under "How to Enter" where it says "Leave a Blog Post Comment", click "I did this!" and fill out the little form that pops up there - make sure you use the email address you put in your comment. (Please email me directly at knittingandsundries(at)gmail(dot)com if you have problems with the form).

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Eligibility:  International through October 16, 2012

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I did not receive any compensation for this post, not even a book :)  I just like giving away great reads! 


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  1. I just finished reading In For The Kill by John Lutz, and now I am starting Urge To Kill by John Lutz. Thanks for having this giveaway.



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