We Give Books Read for my Summer Reading Program - Free and Fun!

6/11/2012 02:05:00 PM

We Give Books

Back in March of 2011, I told you all about a great program:

"We Give Books is a free website that enables anyone with access to the Internet to put books in the hands of children who don't have them, simply by reading online.
Simply choose the charity you want to read for and then select the books you want to read. For each book you read online, we donate a book to a leading literacy group on your behalf.
The more you read, the more we give."

Well, here is a new program from them:

We Give Books’ Read for My Summer is your chance to share books – and share giving – with young readers in your life. Designed specifically for children ages 5 through 8, Read for My Summer highlights a special book for you and your child to read online from the We Give Books library every week, along with fun activities and reading tips to make each book come to life. This free 10-week program helps parents, schools, and libraries offer children an exciting online reading experience, filled with captivating children’s books including Llama Llama Red Pajama, The Little Engine that Could, Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad, and more!

Each week, We Give Books will send you an email announcing that week’s book and leading you to additional reading guides, activities, and fun online surprises! At the end of the summer, your young reader will be able to print out his or her reading record for the first day of class.

Read for My Summer kicks off on June 11.

If you have little ones in your life, this is a great way to keep reading through the summer!  Click the link to check it out for yourself!


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  1. Thanks for letting us know about this! I've used this with my little guy before, but we haven't been on for a while. I will have to check this out.


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