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"Mailbox Monday" is the brainchild of Marcia at The Printed Page.  Martha has closed The Printed Page effective December 18th and set up Mailbox Monday on it's own blog here:

June's host is Marie at Burton Book Review!   Hop on over, link up, and join the fun!

"In My Mailbox" is hosted by The Story Siren

Every week we'll post about what books we have that week (via your mailbox/library/store bought)! Everyone that agrees to participate will try to visit each other's list and leave comments!  Everyone is welcome to join! You can join at anytime and you DO NOT have to participate every week.

I guarantee that you will add to your reading list by visiting the participating blogs in both of these memes!

These are the latest books that I've received through the mail:

The Breakthrough by Jerry B. Jenkins
The Breakthrough by  ARC for review from the author - Releases September 1, 2012 - (The Book Depository / Amazon) - having enjoyed both The Brotherhood and The Last Operative, I was thrilled to see this latest release come into my mailbox - they seem to get better each time!

Goodreads description:

As the youngest bureau chief and head of the Chicago Police Department's Major Case Squad, Boone Drake seems to have it all under control. Only those closest to him know that just a few short years ago, he lost everything that mattered to him in a tragic accident. After years of healing, his life is back on track. He recently married a wonderful woman named Haeley, adopted her son, bought a beautiful home, and rediscovered his faith. But Boone can't fight the feeling that something is about to go terribly wrong . . . again.

When an all-too-personal case takes Boone to Beijing at a time when Haeley can least afford to let him go, Boone is forced to make a difficult choice. There he becomes enmeshed in a dangerous human-trafficking ring that takes him through the famed Hutong District's narrow streets, alleys, and hovels. Teamed with a former Liberation Army officer, Boone has one chance to pull off an elaborate sting and rescue a young boy before he disappears forever.

The Divorce of Henry VII by Catherine Fletcher
The Divorce of Henry VII by Catherine Fletcher - ARC for review from the publisher - Releases June 19, 2012 (The Book Depository / Amazon

Goodreads description:

In 1533 the English monarch Henry VIII decided to divorce his wife of twenty years Catherine of Aragon in pursuit of a male heir to ensure the Tudor line. He was also head over heels in love with his wife’s lady in waiting Anne Boleyn, the future mother of Elizabeth I. But getting his freedom involved a terrific web of intrigue through the enshrined halls of the Vatican that resulted in a religious schism and the formation of the Church of England. Henry’s man in Rome was a wily Italian diplomat named Gregorio Casali who drew no limits on skullduggery including kidnapping, bribery and theft to make his king a free man. In this absorbing narrative, winner of the Rome Fellowship prize and University of Durham historian Catherine Fletcher draws on hundreds of previously-unknown Italian archive documents to tell the colorful tale from the inside story inside the Vatican.

To Kill the Duke by Sam Moffie
To Kill the Duke by Sam Moffie -  For review from the author -  (The Book Depository / Amazon) - I so enjoyed the author's last title The Book of Eli, smart satire that made me smile in so many places!  This one also promises to be a fun piece of writing!

Book description:

This novel is a carefully woven escapade that brings together the elite Russian spy squad of Mr. Zavert, Boris Gila, Alexei Aleksandra and Ivan Viznapu as they start on a dangerous mission that brings them into contact with the gangsters Mickey Cohen and Johnny Stompanato, the billionaire Howard Hughes, the producer/director Dick Powell, the actress Susan Hayward, countless others, and of course the big man himself - John Wayne. It is Moffie's most ambitious novel to date. An unusual aspect is that one of the worst films ever made "The Conqueror," and the sand it was filmed on, play prominent roles in the book. Shot near St. George, Utah, the cast and crew were unaware of the life-and-death risks involved in filming on ground laden with radioactivity from the nuclear tests downwind in Nevada. In addition, Howard Hughes had 60 tons of the uniquely colored sand send back to RKO for post-production shots, and to this day no one knows exactly what happened to it. At least 91 of the 220 cast and crew members developed cancer after filming. Forty-six died, including John Wayne, Susan Hayward, Pedro Armendariz (who shot himself soon after learning he had terminal cancer), Agnes Moorehead, John Hoyt and director Dick Powell. "The topic of why so many people died of cancer filming "The Conqueror" has always been something I wanted to tackle, because I wanted to expose the horror's of the 50's Red Scare," said Moffie. "Having the ultimate symbol of America-John Wayne- as an ironic victim of his own overzealous patriotism was the perfect way to write about it." Moffie is no stranger in poking fun at The Establishment, His last novel, The Book of Eli reimagined a Heaven that would make Rick Santourm cry. God sounds like Orson Welles and atheists like Madelyn Murray O'Hare are there, along with Groucho Marx and of course Ayn Rand and Freud!

Alice on the Outside by Phyllis Reynold Naylor
Alice on the Outside by Phyllis Reynold Naylor - For review from the publisher  -  (The Book Depository / Amazon

Goodreads description:

In this charming repackage from a beloved series, Alice doesn’t feel like fitting in. 

Alice McKinley likes her life, but she senses things are changing. She gets a little bored by her best friends Elizabeth’s and Pamela’s obsession with clothes and makeup. She’s just not that interested. And though she is very interested in her boyfriend, Patrick, she’s not entirely sure how to keep their relationship going. Alice is struggling to figure out how she feels about things—and then how her feelings fits into what other people think she should be feeling. Getting older is even trickier than Alice thought—is she ready for the challenge? As Alice stumbles her way through the minefield of early adolescence, there are plenty of bumps, giggles, and surprises along the way. Every girl should grow up with Alice, and with this irresistible new look, a whole new generation will want to.

What Are You Reading?

"What Are You Reading?" is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey.  Click over to see what other readers are into this week and add to your TBR pile!

Well, I have NOT been keeping great track of the books I've read, so I will just start with what I'm currently reading and what's upcoming!

REVIEWED:  (click the cover to go to the review):

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
5 of 5 stars
More Like Her by Liza Palmer
3.5 of 5 stars

(Click on the cover for the Goodreads page)

The Sometimes Daughter by Sherri Wood Emmons
Hard copy
25 Favorite Novels 2

The 25 Favorite Novels II is a Nook book, with over 15,000 pages - so far, I've re-read The Three Musketeers, Little Women, and Oliver Twist.  I've also read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair (what a great book - no wonder it's a classic!  Currently I'm re-reading A Tale of Two Cities. You'll be seeing THIS one on my "Currently Reading" list for some time to come!

Next to be read on the personal pile (click cover for Goodreads page):

Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Night Train by Clyde Edgerton The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

Next to be read on the hard copy review pile (click cover for Goodreads page):

The Concubine Saga by Lloyd Lofthouse
The Third Gate by Lincoln Child The Taker by Alma Katsu


The Secret Keeper: A Novel of Kateryn Parr by Sandra Byrd

Stop by tomorrow when I participate in a blog tour for The Secret Keeper:  A Novel of Kateryn Parr by Sandra Byrd.  One of you will have a chance to win a copy for yourself!

How was YOUR reading week?  Please leave a link to YOUR "What Are You Reading/In My Mailbox/Mailbox Monday" post(s) in the comments (I'd love to come visit) or simply comment with what your reading week was like!


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  1. Oh,I keep hearing great things about The Snow Child, and but haven't gotten to it yet. Would be interested in your review.

  2. HI Julie, wow, you have some good looking books here that you are reading!

  3. Oo The Shadow of the Wind is one of my favorites - I just read his newest one being released in July - The Prisoner of Heaven and it's FANTASTIC. Zafon is one of my favorite writers these days! =)

  4. I have Gone Girl on request from the library, but there a few people in front of me in line! I'm glad to see you loved it.

  5. I think this summer is a great time to be reading the classics :) I'm in the mood for "To Kill a Mockingbird" so hopefully I get to that one. I was shocked to realize it isn't out for e-book...can you believe that?

    Happy reading this week :)
    What are YOU reading @ the Brunette Librarian??

  6. The SNow Child (and Gone Girl) and 2 that I want to read soon too. Hope you enjoy all your books this week.

  7. Alice on the Outside sounds like a cute book. My favorite read last week was Swahili for the Broken Hearted by Peter Moore. Please come see what else I'm reading.

  8. I gave Gone Girl 5 stars as well - loved it!

    Wishing you a great reading week!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  9. Gone Girl does look good. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Hope all your new books are wonderful!

  10. You have good reads ahead of you. Enjoy them all.

  11. I bet Alice on the Outside is great! Enjoy your new books!

  12. I was part of the tour for The Secret Keeper, too. I really enjoyed the book and will be stopping by tomorrow to see what you thought.

    I'm very intrigued by The Divorce of Henry VIII - I love all books about the Tudors and this one looks like a very interesting read.

    Have a great week!
    Kristin @ Always With a Book

  13. I hope you enjoy The Shadow of the Wind as much as I did!

  14. I love the mask on the cover of The Taker.

  15. Gone Girl is on my wish list...and Alice on the Outside looks very cute.

    Thanks for sharing...and enjoy.


  16. I so want to read Gone Girl, and I loved The Snow Child. But, perhaps that books is best read in Winter for the mood. ;)

  17. Goodness, what a great selection of titles1! Where to begin!
    I do have the Divorce of Henry VIII on my TBR pile as well.. thankful it's not a long one so it should read fast.
    Enjoy your reads!

  18. I can't wait to see what you think of The Snow Child. All your choices look good! Happy Reading!!!

  19. A lot of your books caught my eye, a nice mix in your mailbox.

  20. WOw, you have some great books in the post! I'm not familiar with the ones you've received to review so I'm interested in your thoughts after you've read them.

    After I commente here, I'm going to read your review of Gone Girl which sounds exciting and More Like Her which I know nothing about!

    And The Snow Child and The Shadoe of the Wind, you're upcoming reads, are two books I very much want to read! The Night Train also sounds interesting and I'll be watching for your review of it!

    Enjoy, Julie and Happy Reading!

  21. What a great list of reading material!
    Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate

  22. So many terrific books! The Divorce of Henry VIII looks fascinating.

  23. The Divorce of Henry VIII sounds like it'll be really good! Hope you enjoy all the new books! New follower. Check out what's IMM!

  24. I have Shadow of the Wind on my bookshelf and really want to read it. Will look for your thoughts on it. Happy reading!

  25. Everyone is loving Gone Girl. I have to get a copy of that one.

  26. The Divorce of Henry VII looks really interesting. I like reading about that time period, from as many different angles and perspectives as possible.

  27. @Lindsey - it is WELL worth the wait!

    @The Brunette Librarian - I'm sometimes surprised at which books aren't available in eBook format - something to do with digital rights?

    @Shellrae @ Book'd out - Added your review link!

    @Kristin - The book didn't make it to me in time for the tour, but I will be reading it over the weekend, posting my review and adding my review to the giveaway post!

    @Mary (Bookfan) - I have to get to some of my review books first, but "The Shadow of the Wind" is first on my personal pile!

    @heather - Isn't that cover fabulous! The next-in-series is soon out as well - I'll be participating in a promo for the new one as well!

  28. Fab post! Cant wait to read some of the books mentioned.
    I hace recently started to post on my blog and would love you to have a look.


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