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Monday, May 30, 2011

Giveaway Roundup! May 30, 2011 Edition (and some wins to report)

I won some really cool stuff this week!  I'll share some of them with you before letting you know about some new giveaways I've found for you to enter!

From Born to Impress, an Aurorae Yoga mat and denim yoga bag!  I'm taking yoga classes this summer with Middle Bebe Girl Jasmine, and don't you know, now I don't have to buy the gear!  :)

Aurorae Denim Yoga Bag
Aurorae Northern Lights Yoga Mat

A few weeks ago, I won a Fluffy Bunny pillow pet from Born to Impress as well.  I actually was going to put it in my gift box (the box I keep handy for birthdays and Christmas), but Not-So-Bebe Girl Autumn saw it in the box, asked about it, pulled it out, and begged to keep it.  Here's the pic she posted on Facebook (from the comments, it's apparent that her friends are jealous):

I joined the Lands End Swimsuit Confidence Twitter party (sorry for my Twitter followers, I usually try not to clog up my tweet passages with the Twitter parties), and won a bathing suit!  Woot!  (Needed one - gained some weight - don't want everyone looking at my badunkadunk).  I don't know which one I'll pick yet; waiting for them to DM me this week sometime.

From Mama Buzz, I won a LaRue Across America storybook and backpack!  Grandbebe JoJo will be so happy!  I don't think I've ever seen a little one get as excited about getting a book from his Gigi as he does!

LaRue Across America backpack
LaRue Across America by Mark Teague

From This Mama Loves Her Bargains, I won a Chicobag!  Chicobags are really durable shopping totes that come in all sorts of lovely designs.  I actually had a whole set, but the girls have borrowed them and now I'm down to only one.

On to some of the giveaways I've recently found around the blogosphere!  As always, I try to include residency requirements to make it a bit easier.


Summertime fun will definitely be on the menu if you enter and win this Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship from The Shopping Mama!

Want water fun?  Sand fun?  Just plain fun?  The bebes will love this!  If you're from the US, head over for your chance by 6/6/2011.

Bebe Boy James SAYS he's too old for Chuggington, but that doesn't stop him from pulling his toys out to play with Grandbebe JoJo when he comes over!  Mama Buzz has THREE separate Chuggington giveaways going on right now!

First, there's the Chuggington Launch & Go Roundhouse playset.  Enter this one by 6/2/2011 for a chance to win!

Chuggington Brewster Engine
Chuggington Straight and Curved Track Pack
Chuggington Wilson Engine
Second, we have this wonderful pack that includes both the Wilson and Brewster die-cast engines and the straight and curved track pack.  If you click over to Mama Buzz by 6/7/2011, you can win this!

Wilson and the Ice Cream Fair
All Around Chuggington
Chugginton Matching Game
Welcome to Chuggington
The Chugger Championship
Chugginton Sticker Storybook

THIS cool prize pack has FIVE books and a Matching Game for your little reader!  Enter the Chuggington Read and Play giveaway at Mama Buzz by 6/14/2011!


I'm not only a reader, I'm a foodie.  I can never get enough kitchen tools.  Baking lovely cakes is a specialty of mine, and no one helps with baking better than Wilton.  If you're like me, and you want a chance to refresh your baking tools, head over to Baby Loving Mama by 6/7/2011 for a chance win this set (US entries):

Here are just a few of the lovely cakes made easy with Wilton's Punch, Cut, Decorate Kit!

Delightfully Dimensional cake by Wilton
Inspirational Birthday Cake by Wilton
Flowers and Vines cake by Wilton

Don't they all look SO yummy!  AND professional.  Wilton's Punch, Cut, Decorate kit makes these and other extravagant-looking cakes SO easy with sugared sheets that you simply punch shapes out of!  For a chance to win this prize (worth over $126!), if you're from the US, head over to Mom Spotted by 6/12/2011.

I should just let this picture speak for itself, but I won't.  THAT, my lovelies, is the Hoover MaxExtract 60 Pressure Pro carpet cleaner!  When you head over to enter, take a look at how it not only does a great job on carpet, but read about how great it works on upholstery and stairs, too!  Mom Spotted has teamed up with Hoover to offer some lucky someone a chance to win this for themselves!  Are you from the US?  Do you want a chance to win?  Enter by 6/26/2011!


This is really for the parent of a bebe, but summer is here!  That means lots of outdoor fun and activities.   When you have a little tyke to take around, hiking can be a trial.  I always kept a good baby carrier with me, and even now, I use one for Grandbebe Girl Makayla when I need my hands free or when I'm going where a stroller would be a hassle.  Kelty, known for their outdoor and camping gear, also has this lovely carrier:

the Kelty FC 3.0 Kids Carrier (ARV $249.95).  It's not just for bebes, but has enough heft for a toddler as well!  If YOU want a chance to win this, go to Misadventures in Baby Raising by 6/9/2011 (US only).

Well!  That's all for this week!  Hope you find something that you like!  Let me know if you win!  :)



  1. Julie, you are one lucky gal! You should play the lottery!


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