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Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Giveaway Roundup May 31, 2010

Apologies for the late (and shorter than usual) Giveaway Roundup this week!  The Big Bebe Girls and the Grandbebes were all over, and I spent the time playing and enjoying (and they made me watch "Avatar", which was surprisingly good and kind of sad and kind of illustrative of how ruthless people can be in their avarice and quest for dominance and power).

Quickly, now ... on to this week's giveaways from the blogosphere!


Building Blocks!  Love 'em!  Look at these cool blocks made just for smaller hands!
Those are Magneatos from Guidecraft USA!  If you're from the US, 3 Garnets and 2 Sapphires is giving you a chance to win a 72 Piece Building Set!


I love Partylite!  I wish I knew enough people with money to spare so that I could host Partylite parties all of the time and get tons of free and cool stuff for it!  They have a lot of new products that are pretty awesome, too!  Here's the Island Inspiration Solar Wind Chimes:
If you go to the Partylite website, you can even hear how lovely they sound!  If you're from the US, you can enter to win this lovely decoration for your garden or patio by 6/10/2010 from A Nut in a Nutshell!

I featured a Paula Deen Cookware Set in last week's Giveaway Roundup in a pretty green color.  Here's another lovely set in Charcoal:

Really nice, right?  US AND Canadian residents can enter to win this set at Grammy Janet's Place by 6/5/2010!

Seventh Generation has been greening our cleaning environment since before green was 'in'! US residents can enter to win the Seventh Generation Free & Clear Starter Kit at Heck of a Bunch by 6/7/2010.
Pretty wall quotes!   Easy to use, and they can totally make the room you use them in rock!  How about this for a kiddo's bedroom?
You can personalize it with your chosen name, choose the colors, you name it!  Little Yayas is giving one lucky US reader a chance to win a $35 gift certificate to Wall Quotes!  Make sure you enter by 6/18/2010 at 10 PM Pacific!

It's summer!  That means drinking lots of fluids, especially water!  A Zuvo Water filtration system can make even your tap water taste wonderful!
If you're located in the continental US, Midday Escapades is offering you a chance to win this awesome filtration system!  Swing by before 6/6/2010 - the giveaway ends at 11:59 PM Pacific.


I'm at that "certain" age - not exactly young, but not yet old.  I work hard to keep my skin young-looking and bright.  For any of us past 35, we are always looking for a great product or product that will help our skin retain the brightness and elasticity that keeps you looking young.  Review Retreat is offering US readers a chance to win a bottle of anti-aging Opti Crystal from Cosmedix!  Enter by 6/15/2010!

You can head over to Shelley's Swag by 6/5/2010 if you're from the US to enter to win a bottle of She Essential Beauty's Night Serum!

Alex and Ani have such a great selection of jewelry in so many styles!  You're sure to find a style that fits you at an affordable price!  Would you like to win this pretty Starfish bangle?
Boobies, Babies and a Blog is offering it's US readers a chance to win this lovely little bangle - just be sure to enter by 6/16/2010!

My favorite colors are teal, turquoise and aqua!
Isn't that a pretty set? This is just one of the great pieces/sets you can get at Fantasy Jewelry Box at a price that won't break the bank!  Review Retreat is hosting a giveaway for a lucky US reader to win THEIR CHOICE of jewelry from Fantasy Jewelry Box up to $35 in value!  Get over there by 6/16/2010 for your chance to win!

Of course, there's no Giveaway Roundup of mine that's complete with a pretty bag or tote:
That's the Namaste Hermosa bag in Black and in Red!  Isn't it something YOU'D like to wear?   (I posted both of these colors because I really don't know which one I'd choose).  You get to win YOUR CHOICE of handbag from Namaste from The Shopping Mama!  If you're from the US, you can enter to win by 6/16/2010!  (for my knitting friends, Namaste also carries needle bags and cases, including cases for circs!)


Some really great prizes for the bebes this week!

US residents can enter to win this Step2 Play Up Double Slide Climber from The Shopping Mama by 6/15/2010!   Wouldn't this make YOUR yard the most popular place in the neighborhood to be?
Or maybe THIS cool Banzai Jurassic Chomp Pool!?!?
Another great giveaway from The Shopping Mama!  This one is open until 6/7/2010 for US residents!

Grandbebe Boy JoJo will be starting kindergarten next year!  Oh, NO!!!  The baby is growing up!  It would be awesome to send him to school with his own personalized lunchbox from Frecklebox!  One like this:

Little Yaya's is hosting a Frecklebox giveaway where the winner gets to choose ANY item from the site up to $40 in value!  If you're from the US, enter to win a great prize for the bebe or kiddo in your life by 6/7/2010!


If you've noticed, a lot of my recent posts have been reading-related.  I'm actually thinking of starting a dedicated book review blog!  BUT ... I barely have the time to keep THIS blog updated!  SO ... that might have to wait.

I've been reading pretty good things about the "mixed up" books lately.   They're twisted books like Jane Slayer (instead of Jane Eyre).  Insatiable Readers is offering US and Canadian visitors the chance to win one of these "mixed up" books:
Pretty cool-looking cover, eh?  LOL!  That's "Little Vampire Women"!  If it looks as interesting to you as it does to me, head over by 6/5/2010 to win!

Short, but sweet!  I hope you enter and I hope you WIN!
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It's Monday! What are you Reading?

"What are you Reading?' is a weekly meme hosted by Book Journey.  Please take a moment to visit her site and see and visit some of the other blogs participating in "What are you Reading?" It's a great way to read up on some current books and add to your reading list!

So on to my list!  I wish I could have been more productive, but with the end of school coming and all of it's activities, and work, and just plain life, it's been a bit crazy!


The Devlin Diary by Christi Phillips - Review here

 what did JESUS say? by Diane Bay - Review here

Wicked Becomes You by Meredith Duran - Blog Tour info here - Review upcoming

Quite the variety, eh?

Currently Reading:

Bebe Boy James and I are about halfway through "A Place for Delta" by Melissa Walker and loving it so far!

Revenge Served Cold by Jackie Fullerton - Review and giveaway (new today!) upcoming

Amazon Queen by Lori Devoti - Blog tour info here - Review upcoming


The Knight Life by Keith Knight - review and giveaway

Fever Dream (audiobook) by Preston and Child - Review and giveaway - up to 3 winners

Damaged by Alex Kava - Review

Current giveaway:

Play Dead by Ryan Brown - open to US through 6/9 - Review here

That's all for this week!  I will be keeping the meme going up every Monday as well as my Monday Giveaway Roundup, so be certain to stop by each Monday for the scoop!

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Remember the Reason

Today, while we visit friends and family and enjoy a day off work (some of us, I still have to work a bit today), let us remember that this day is not simply another reason to eat ribs and drink beer.

Today is a day to honor the sacrifices made by our brave men and women in uniform, who fought and died in pursuit of a free world and democracy for all.

Take a minute out of the day to sit in quiet contemplation and honor their memories:
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

One eskimO (CD Review with guest reviewer Not-So-Bebe Girl Autumn)

Time for a little something different here .. a sundry, if you like ... don't worry, though, it's a GOOD something different.

I recently received a CD to review.  From a band that I'd not heard of before.  Once I listened to the CD and read up on the group, I was SURPRISED that I had not heard of them.  Not-So-Bebe Girl Autumn (who is more into Korean boy bands than almost anything else) HAD heard of them .. but wasn't really familiar with their music.

The group is One eskimO, an acclaimed English band with singer-songwriter Kristian Leontiou, guitarist Pete Rinaldi, bassist (and horns) by Jamie Sefton, and drummer Adam Falkner.

There is not ONE SINGLE "yuck, why is THAT there?" song on this entire CD!  I kid you not; the sound is mellow, kind of jazzy/acoustic/urban, very smooth and very unique. My personal favorite is "All Balloons", but there are a couple of close runners-up for my favorite song on the CD.

Not-So-Bebe Girl Autumn's Take:  The CD has a really mellow feel to it.  It would be great to listen to around a bonfire or on a roadtrip as well.  I let some friends AND some of my teachers (who are in their 20's and 30's) listen to it and "Hometime", "Kandi" and "UFO", and "Astronauts" were mutual favorites.  I am definitely spreading the word about them through my friends!  I loved it!

Now, Not-So-Bebe Girl Autumn is a tough reviewer; if she doesn't like something, she's pretty vocal about it.

You likely HAVE heard "Kandi" before, even if you don't know who sings it.  It was featured on the TV show Bones.  The band even appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show in March.  They have been a Starbucks "Pick" of the Week" and played at Coachella.  They've done so much more that I would take up an entire blog page listing all of their accomplishments. 

Listen to this video to judge for yourself (if your browser doesn't support embedding, just follow this link to watch the video).

Honestly, their music is great no matter what your age.

Guess what?  You can catch them on tour now through August 14th!

Guess what else?  You can download "Astronauts" FREE on their Twitter channel!

Here's an awesome animated version of "Kandi":

One eskimO - "Kandi" edit from Shangri-La Music on Vimeo.

I know by now that you want more info!  Here's how to find out more:

Visit the One eskimO website

Check One eskimO out on Facebook

Visit the One eskimO YouTube channel (you'll get to see them on their current tour!)

Like music downloads rather than a physical CD?  You can download the DELUXE version of their CD on ITunes!

I think that you'll be hearing and seeing much more about this band as time goes on.  Actually, I can almost guarantee it!

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary CD to review through my relationship with One2One Network.  No other form of compensation was received, and I was not required to post a positive review.
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Sunday Share 05/30/2010 - List YOUR Blog Giveaways!

If you are a blog owner hosting your own giveaway(s), please feel free to share your link below.  Enter your blog name, a brief description of the prize, ending date and eligibility (US, Can, International, etc.)

EXAMPLE:  Best Blog on the Block - $50 Gift certificate - 6/30 - US/Can

NO SPAM - you'll be banned - I'm not kidding!

I will be posting a couple of giveaways this week, a couple more next week, and so on, so come on back and enter.

Don't forget to enter my current giveaway - Play Dead by Ryan Brown - GREAT book!  You really want to win this one!  It's open until 6/9/2010 for US residents.
Enter your giveaway information here:

Have a wonderful Sunday!
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Devlin Diary by Christi Phillips (BLOG TOUR and BOOK REVIEW)

Title:  The Devlin Diary
Author:  Christi Phillips
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication Date, April, 2010
Hardcover, 448 pages
Trade Paperback, 464 pages
ISBN-10: 1416527400
ISBN-13: 9781416527404

From the publisher's website:

From the bestselling author of The Rossetti Letter comes a “thrilling” (Library Journal) novel of intrigue, passion, and royal secrets that shifts tantalizingly between Restoration-era London and present-day Cambridge, England.

London, 1672. A vicious killer stalks the court of Charles II, inscribing the victims’ bodies with mysterious markings. Are the murders the random acts of a madman? Or the violent effects of a deeply hidden conspiracy?

Cambridge, 2008. Teaching history at Trinity College is Claire Donovan’s dream come true—until one of her colleagues is found dead on the banks of the River Cam. The only key to the professor’s unsolved murder is the seventeenth-century diary kept by his last research subject, Hannah Devlin, physician to the king’s mistress. Through the arcane collections of Cambridge’s most eminent libraries, Claire and fellow historian Andrew Kent follow the clues Hannah left behind, uncovering secrets of London’s dark past and Cambridge’s murky present and discovering that the events of three hundred years ago still have consequences today. . . .

My take:  I admit it ... I have a weakness for historical fiction.  As a matter of fact, as I FIRST started reading this book, I was saying to myself, "I really could do without the modern-day flash forwards; just let me keep reading about Hannah Devlin."  And then, of course, there's the obligatory "will they or won't they? They probably will ... " between Claire and Andrew.

But the book quickly pulled me in  ... and I was up at 3:30 A.M. forcing myself to close the pages and finish reading it the next day.

If you find yourself fascinated when reading accounts of how life was "way back when" and finding out that scandals and debauchery are not modern phenomena, you'll like this book.  If you like tales of discovery and of being an 'outsider' in a world that really doesn't seem to strive to include you (Claire is living and teaching in a 'man's world' in a traditional and rather stodgy environment), you'll like this book.  If you just plain like a book that makes the scenes you are reading come alive in your mind, you'll really like this book.  This is a book about two very strong women, but it's not only a book FOR women; it's for everyone to enjoy.

Book Rating:  4.5 of 5 stars

Visit the Author's website here. 

Read an excerpt. 

Rundpinne: http://www.rundpinne.blogspot.com/
Frugal Plus: http://frugalplus.com/
My Five Monkeys: http://www.tableforseven-julie.blogspot.com/
The Bibliophilic Book Blog: http://www.bibliophilicbookblog.com/
A Journey of Books: http://ajourneyofbooks.halfzero.net/
My Book Addiction and More: http://mybookaddictionandmore.wordpress.com/
Just Another New Blog: http://justanothernewblog.blogspot.com/
The Book Girl: http://www.thebookgirl.net/
Just One More Paragraph: http://tweezlereads.blogspot.com
Booktumbling: http://booktumbling.com/
Books Gardens & Dogs: http://maryinhb.blogspot.com/
Renee’s Reads: http://www.renees-reads.blogspot.com/
Taking Time For Mommy: http://takingtimeformommy.blogspot.com/
Starting Fresh: http://startingfresh-gaby317.blogspot.com/
Star Shadow: http://www.starshadowblog.com/
My Book Views: http://my-book-views.blogspot.com/
Write For A Reader: http://www.writeforareader.blogspot.com/
Bibliophile’s Retreat: http://bibliophilesretreat.com/
Jeanne's Ramblings: http://www.jeannesramblings.com
Blog Business World: http://www.blogbusinessworld.blogspot.com
Avid Reader: http://www.tarmyblogspot.blogspot.com/
Michelle & Leslie's Book Picks: http://booksandmakeup.blogspot.com/
Lucky Rosie’s: http://www.luckyrosiescreations.blogspot.com/
Celtic Lady’s Reviews: http://www.celticladysreviews.blogspot.com/
Books Like Breathing: http://bibliophile23.wordpress.com/
A Room Without Books Is Empty: http://detweilermom.blogspot.com/
Chrissy’s World of Books: http://chrissysworldofbooks.blogspot.com/
DK’s Everything Books Blog: http://dkay401-challenges.blogspot.com/
A Musing Reviews: http://www.amusingreviews.blogspot.com/
Readaholic: http://bridget3420.blogspot.com/
I Heart Book Gossip: http://juniperrbreeeze.blogspot.com/
That’s A Novel Idea: http://thatsanovelidea.blogspot.com/
Reading Extensively: http://reading-extensively.blogspot.com/
Thrifty and Frugal Living: http://www.thriftyandfrugalliving.com/
See Michelle Read: http://seemichelleread.blogspot.com/
‘Til We Read Again: http://tilwereadagain.blogspot.com/
Reminder List: http://reminderlist.blogspot.com/
Loving Heart Mommy: http://www.lovingheartmommy.com/
Pam’s Private Reflections: http://hip2bhomeschooling.blogspot.com/
The Book Tree: http://thebooktree.blogspot.com/
The Down Home Diva: http://thestuffyouneedtoknow.blogspot.com/
Once Upon a Twilight: http://twilightsdance.blogspot.com/
BUY IT: You can read more reviews and purchase this book through the publisher's website, which includes links to Amazon and other online booksellers. 

In Hardcover 
As an eBook 

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of this title from Gallery Books to objectively review.   No other form of compensation was received for this post, and I was not required to post a positive review.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2nd Winner! "The Heart Mender" by Andy Andrews

Well!  I messed up a bit today!  If you look at my new giveaway, I've written that it's IMPORTANT to let me know what your Google name is if you're following me and using that as an entry.  Here's why:  Random.org picked a winner - I checked it.  The "winner" had entered more than once under different email addresses (and it wasn't an accident, because the entries were within minutes of each other!) So, yeah!  Don't try that here; it's not too hard to figure out!  LOL!

SO .. back in 'the hat' I go. The next randomized pick was debp, who said:
debp 1 week ago
I am a gfc follower.

Silly me!  She actually DID put her GFC name in there ... see the 'debbie' right under?  Well, I didn't see it.  So when I went to check my followers, I didn't see a "debp".  Back into the hat I went and ended up with a different winner, who has already been announced and notified and has replied to the notification.

So what's a blogger to do when she realizes that she's made THAT kind of mistake?  Suck it up and make certain that the original winner gets a prize, too!  Even IF it means that he/she has to go into their own pocket to do it!

Debbie, we've already emailed each other; I'll be getting that in the mail to you by the weekend!

I feel so much better!!
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Giveaway Roundup week of May 24, 2010

I know .. this is supposed to go up on Monday!  I'll try to be better the next time!  It's just .. well, work, kids, reading books, knitting, enjoying the summer ... things like that get in the way! :)

So now, better late than never, I bring you the best of this week's giveaways around the blogosphere (as found and picked by me!)

I have a new giveaway up!  You WANT TO WANT TO win this book!  Play Dead by Ryan Brown - If you're in the US, enter by 6/9/2010 for your chance to win!

Look!  Over there on the left!!  It's the Sunday Share Linky!  If you're a blogger and you have a giveaway, enter your info.  If you just want to find some giveaways to enter, hop over and find some that you may not have found before!  Every Sunday, there will be a new one and it won't close until the next one goes up, so if you can't swing by on Sunday, you have all week to hop on over!

I always like to try to list the eligibility of these, so if you don't see anything on who's eligible to enter, it's because the blogger didn't post that info (that I could see).

I think I'll start with the one that has me the most excited to possibly win!
It's an IPAD!!!  A friggin' IPAD!!!  Enter to win THIS baby at One Savvy Mom by 6/25/2010!  I'm running on a five-year-old desktop ... it's really sad and pathetic, but, hey! it still works, so ... but boy, oh, boy!  Winning an iPad would cause me to do the biggest happy dance ever!!

Now on to the categories:


Sodastream!  Need I say more?  I think I've featured at least one giveaway for Sodastream in almost every roundup!!  BUT if you haven't won yet, there's still hope, since I found TWO giveaways for the Sodastream Soda maker!

At the Fence is hosting a giveaway that is open until 6/11/2010.

Words from a Busy SAHM is also hosting a Sodastream giveaway that is open until 6/4/2010 for US residents.

Father's Day is coming up!  You're going to start seeing a lot of cool Father's Day giveaways!  Here's one:
I likee!  For the grillmaster, a Personalized Grill Set from Things Remembered!  Very cool to give AND very practical!  Head over to Our Ordinary Life by 6/7/2010 for YOUR chance to win!

I like nice kitchenware:
Want a Paula Deen Cookware set from CSN?  3 Kids and Us is giving US readers a chance to win the same set pictured!  Enter before 6/4/2010!

Want an 'eco-friendly' toaster?  Select Brands is sponsoring a giveaway at Dear Crissy for a pretty cool one!
That's a TRU Eco Toaster!  Wouldn't it look cool on your counter?  This giveaway is open to the contiguous US and runs through 5/31/2010.


Misikko is at it again!  Get a chance to win THIS lovely Hana Professional Pink Edition Flat Iron from A Busy Mommy!  US and Canadian residents can enter to win by 6/8/2010!

Or maybe you'd like THIS Hana Elite Flat Iron!:
If you're from the US or Canada, head on over to My Wee View by 5/28/2010 for a chance to win!

If you visit and read, you know I like cute bags and totes.  I almost always feature at least one in each roundup, and this roundup is no exception:

It's in my favorite color family; it has cool-looking zippers and it's a nice size, too (16.5" (l) x 10" (H))!  Want it?  Head over to Gathering My Roses by 5/31/2010 to try it!  This giveaway is open to both the US and Canada.

This probably goes into the "for the home" category, but, really....
It's chocolate!  And not just one bar, a LOT of yummy yummy Reese's chocolate!  And not just ONE winner, but THREE!  And not just for the US, but for Canada too!  Want to know what's in the prize packs?   Each prize pack will contain a combination of the five specially marked Reese’s products that are part of the Reese’s Loves You Back promotion and will receive some of each product: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Reese’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Reese’s Big Cup Peanut Butter Cups, Reese’s Pieces Candies, and Reese’s Crispy Crunchy Bars.  If you're saying to yourself, "OK, I'm sold..just tell me where to enter" - go to Hip Mama's Place by 5/30/2010 to get your caloric fix on!

I'm a knitter (can't you tell by the title of my blog?)  Debbie Macomber is also a knitter.  She's also a wonderful author.  Her latest book is Hannah's List:
Knit Purl Girl is hosting a Debbie Macomber giveaway!  Are you from the US?  You can win! One Grand Prize Winner will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card to enjoy additional Debbie Macomber titles AND a copy of Hannah's List!  Two Additional Winners will each receive one copy of Hannah's List!  Enter to win by 6/2/2010!

I LOVE statement necklaces ... all big and dangly and different!  BUT as a testament to my varied tastes, I also love little, unique, rustic and earthy looking pieces:

This is my last full year with Not-So-Bebe Girl Autumn before she goes off to college; if I won this, it would go to her so that she could keep my love for her close.  Oh I Love That is hosting a giveaway of this Tiny Gem Necklace It's Etsy goodness at it's best!  Enter by 6/2/2010 for a chance to win!

Want a pretty, point-and-shoot, 12 MP digital camera?  Do you want this Casio Exilim?
Trying To Stay Calm is giving you a chance to win one!  Enter before 6/22/2010!


Do YOUR bebes always want to run their own lemonade stands in the summer?  I know mine do!  We've been running lemonade stands now for over 20 years!  The one we're currently using is sturdy cardboard and pretty cute, but THIS one:
is so cute and MUCH sturdier. It's the Melissa and Doug Lemonade Stand from Gummylump!  If you're from the US and you want to run your OWN lemonade stand this summer, head over to My Wee View by 6/11/2010 for a chance to win this and have some fun this summer!

I just love dressing bebes in cute and pretty clothes!  My Wee View is giving YOU (US AND Canada) a chance to win an item from the Coco Bonbons line OF YOUR CHOICE!  Here's what I'd choose:
I know, it's TWO items, but I can't just get the pretty pretty dress without the pretty pretty pink flower bloomers to go with it, now can I?  This giveaway ends 5/28/2010, so get a move on!

Have you ever heard of Frecklebox?  They have all kinds of items that you can personalize for yourself OR for the kiddos.  If you're from the US, you can win a personalized item of your choice from Mommy Has To Work by 5/31/2010.   I'd choose this cool wall art for my Not-So-Bebe Girl:
I live in Ohio; it's humid... especially in the summer.  It's the kind of humidity that sometimes makes you feel as though you're walking into an oven and keeps you tossing at night.  If you have babies and kids, you know that humid air is NOT good for them.  I've always run a humidifier, but never one as cute as this:
That is a Crane humidifier - they have lots of designs to choose from, too!  In the Know Mom is hosting a giveaway for YOU to win one!  Head over by 5/28/2010 to give your kiddos some relief in style!

Bebe Boy James LOVES building sets!  Grandbebe Boy JoJo does, too!!  Actually, Grandbebe Girls Amira and Jaiden always play with their Uncle James' building sets when THEY'RE over!  (now I know what to get THEM for their next birthdays!)  K'NEX has lots and lots and lots of building sets - for all ages and skill levels!   Here's an example:
How cool is THAT?  I'D build it!!  SO, wanna win a LOT of K'NEX?  I'm talking about enough K'NEX to work as a present for EVERY age that you have to give to?  HERE'S what you can win from Luv My Two Girls:

Sesame Street Building Sets: Each of of them has about 13 to 15 pieces. Recommended for 2 years and above: Kick It! Elmo, Swim Time Ernie, Cookie Monster’s Basketball; Collect & Build Construction Crew Series; Fire Rescue 10 Model Set; Micro-Bots; and a 350 Piece K’NEX Value Tub:

That's a $170 value prize package!  Guess what?  It's open to BOTH the US AND Canada!  Get over there by 6/15/2010 - enter and win!

Last, but definitely not least - A Kolcraft Sesame Street giveaway!  Not just one, but two!  (actually, there are supposed to be three, but I couldn't find the third one-it might be over).  LOOK at what you could win for the bebes in your life!:

An Elmo Tiny Steps Walker, a Sesame Street Recline 'N Dine High Chair, and a Sesame Street 1-2-3 Learn with Me Potty Chair!

What a cool and useful prize package!  Enter at Monkey Mayhem or at The Jaka Files by 5/29/2010!

That's all for this week!  Back next week with more giveaway fun!
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