My Cyber Monday

11/29/2010 08:42:00 AM

cyber monday

....will not be.  I'm so sad because I lost my debit card yesterday, and neither of the other accounts have any money in them to speak of ... so ... sob ...

I only have one credit card for emergency use, and I don't think this really counts as an emergency.

I was getting ready to print postage and send a couple of winners their gift certificates and buy a USB cable for my camera, and after two hours yesterday spent tearing up the house, I had to admit defeat and call to have the card canceled and a new one sent out.

Oh, well!  (shaking it off)  Could be worse!  I COULD have lost it and someone else found it and started charging up a storm before I found out. 

And, well, I really do have almost every bit of my shopping done.  I have only about 5 presents left to buy, so I'm ahead of schedule!

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  1. Unfortunately that is a sign of the times. The banks have made us reliant on cards and when we lose one it can cause chaos.

    I shivered when I read your post. I remember a while ago standing at the cash machine when it shut down. As it was not my bank they would not give me my card back. It was the card for my main account.

    It took over 10 days to get a new card issued and in that time came pay day and pay the bills day. What a nightmare not being able to phone thru payments or pay online. Oh and having to go to the bank in banking hours to get cash!

    Do hope you get a new card soon.


  2. Good luck with getting your new card quickly! Just like Carol, I shiver at the thought of being without my debit card or credit card. We are so reliant on those little pieces of plastic.

  3. BibliophilebytheseaNovember 30, 2010 at 7:14 AM

    Oh Julie...sorry you had to deal with this extra stress :(


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