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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Take Back the Night (PSA)

As we were walking home from picking Bebe Boy James up from daycare, Bebe Girl Autumn:

(that's her) asked if she could stay after school late on Thursday, because she had been helping to plan their "Take Back the Night" event for that evening.  She also asked me if I wanted to come.

Of course I will be there.

We lost our stepsister/daughter less than a year ago to domestic violence at the tender age of 23, and every day, I ask myself if there is SOMEthing ... ANYthing that I could have done or said that would mean that she would still be here to grow into her potential.  No woman deserves to be a victim of violence because of her gender (rape and other sexual assault) or because she doesn't feel strong enough to fight her way out of a violent partnership.

From the Take Back the Night website:

"10 Points of Light

Take a stand against sexual violence as we encircle the entire United States on Thursday, April 29, 2010 with 10 Points of Light to Take Back The Night! Each of our ten locations will light vigil candles simultaneously at 9pm EST (6pm PST) and unite in support of survivors of sexual violence to illuminate the darkness of abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault."

There is a link to read more on the main events and there is also a link to find a local event near you.

If you are in or know someone else who is in a violent situation, please visit the "Resources" section of their site and take whatever steps are necessary.  Do EVERYthing you can to get out.  It may mean that you have to move and/or change your job or cause you monetary hardship .. but you'll be ALIVE.

I've lived through domestic violence.  I've counseled domestic violence victims. I've lost one of my bebe girls to domestic violence. I know how horrible and difficult and frightening every single day can be.

None of us deserve to live our life that way.  Be strong.  Get help.  Get out.


  1. Agreed! Can't make a joke about that!

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