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Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2010 Monday Giveaway Roundup (ALL LISTED GIVEAWAYS CLOSED)

Since last week's two-part Monday giveaway roundup, I have decided to actually start utilizing the "Draft" feature here in Blogger.  This is a good thing, as I can write and add to posts, including some random thoughts, etc., and not feel rushed to get the thing done!

So now for some of the latest cool giveaways from the Bloggy world!  As always, take a look around the websites after entering; you'll find not only other great giveaways, but funny thoughts, recipes, tips on making the most of your own blog, and more!

I think all of us are now becoming familiar with wall quotes and decals; they are a great way to stylishly customize your space without breaking the bank!  I live in a rented space, so some of the things I'd like to do (like stripping all the layers of paint off of what I know is lovely woodwork and refinishing) would just not be good options for me.  Adding my own touch with a wall quote or decoration, however, that's a totally different animal and something I could easily do to make this space more "me-like"!

A Mom's Balancing Act is hosting a giveaway for your choice of wall quote designs from Belvedere Designs.  Here's what I would choose to go in my entry hall:

Don't you just LOVE it!?!? You can customize colors, sizes and more too.  This giveaway is open through 4/21/2010 to US and Canadian residents.

One Savvy Mommy is hosting a giveaway through 12 PM PST on 5/1/2010 from Quote the Walls for a $50 gift card.  If I win, I'd choose this:

That's not all!  One Savvy Mommy is ALSO hosting a giveaway through 12 PM PST 4/21/2010 for a $25 gift card to Dali Decals.  My choice:

Such luverliness!

I really like eating out - not necessarily for the food alone (I'm a bangin' cook and I love cooking, too!) - but for the added fun and "real" conversation you have with your fam when you are all out together.  Before I became unemployed, it was sort of a family tradition to eat out at least once a month, but now ... well, I treat my son and daughter to IHop or Steak and Shake once every couple of months or so, and that's about it.  I will start working full-time again next week, though WOOT!! and after I catch up on some bills, we are all going to celebrate together!

Chili's is a good restaurant for eating out with the fam.  The food is tasty and varied, and the prices are very reasonable.  The last time we went, I had a $50 gift card.  My bff was with me along with her son, and I had my two children with me as well.   $50 almost totally covered all 5 of us for a good sit down meal!  A Mom's Balancing Act is hosting a giveaway for a $50 Chili's gift card.  The giveaway is open through 4/30/2010 and you must be a US resident.

In last week's Giveaway Roundup, I told you about Thanks, Mail Carrier's Delta giveaway for a fixture of your choice up to $300 worth.  Happiness and praise be, I won!!!   I swear, when the shower fixture gets here, I'm going to sit in the shower until the water runs ice cold! 

Frugal Housewife is running another great Delta giveaway for a brand new Delta Pilar Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet worth $585!!  Look at this baby!

Hands-free with a soap dispenser and everything!  :)  Yes, I DO live in a rented space, but there are some things that I could use and take with me when I eventually move!  I'll just put all of the old stuff back in place!  Enter now through 5/14/2010 if you're a US resident!

Seventh Generation Disinfecting Cleaning Kit  (multi-surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, disinfecting wipes, copy of "The Conscious Kitchen", recycled plastic cleaning caddy, 2 rolls of recycled, unbleached paper towels)
Seventh Generation - what more can I say?  They're celebrating the release of their new disinfecting line (and getting you ready for spring cleaning).  Here are some chances to win:

Go Green Street is hosting a giveaway for a Disinfecting Cleaning Kit for US residents through 4/28/2010.

Just Another New Blog is also hosting a giveway for the Disinfecting Cleaning Kit through 4/29/2010 for US residents.

Through 12 PM PST on 4/2010, One Savvy Mommy is hosting a giveaway for the following Seventh Generation products:  32 oz. laundry detergent, 40 oz liquid fabric softener, dish liquid, all purpose cleaner, 1 box of Auto-Dish Pacs, glass cleaner, 1 roll of natural paper towels, and one recycled reusable tote bag.

Summertime is coming!!!!  I am a bear ... truly.  I hibernate through the winter and only leave the cave once the sun starts to actually bear some warmth!  This also means lots of outdoor play for our children, and there are some GUH-reat giveaways going on for them right now!

Coffee With the Mrs. is running a giveaway for this Naturally Playful Country Cottage from Step2:

Look at how many kiddos can fit in there!  This giveaway runs through 5/13/2010.

Frugal Family Fun is hosting a great giveaway from CSN Stores for a Spring/Summer prize package:

That there's the PlaSmart Car (look, Ma!  No pedals!!) and a snazzy toddler bicycle helmet. Enter through 4/21/2010.

I keep a car seat in my house at all times.  My son is 9, so HE doesn't need it, but the grandbebes tend to visit Gigi a lot.  If I want to ride somewhere (my car went to heaven last year, so I've been hoofin' it, catching rides and taking the bus for some time now), well, we're stuck unless the person I'm riding with has an available car seat.  A couple of weeks ago, my granddaughter's father came to pick her up from me for a visit.  I lent him the seat --- I haven't gotten it back.  Knowing him, I probably won't get it back .. sigh ... shoulda known betta.  So now I need a new car seat:  Eighty MPH Mom is hosting a giveaway for YOUR CHOICE of a Sunshine Kids car/booster seat from five different models!  Here's the one I would choose:

Pretty snazzy, eh?  It's the Radian XT SL in da bomb cherry-like color!!! :)  This giveaway runs through 5/10/2010 and is open to the US.

My Wee Review is hosting a giveaway for a great Britax car seat!!

It's the Advocate CS and it comes in a great variety of colors (I think this one is the cutest, though!)  If you're from the US or Canada , hurry on over to enter to win by 4/23/2010!

I have an obsession with pretty file folders and notepads and stationery...almost fetish-like.  Carolina Pad feeds this fetish, but in a healthy way .. with gorgeous anything-to-do-with-the-office/home office/or just plain paper organization you need.  Through 5/5/2010, Emmy's Boos and Rawrs is hosting a giveaway for a set of 2 of each of the Road Trip collection notebooks (regular and spiral-less) and folders:

The Shopping Mama is also hosting a Carolina Pad giveaway for both the Eye Candy and Simply Chic bundles:

through 5/1/2010 for US residents only.

Speaking of organization, isn't it just a pain in the doofah to keep your kid's toys organized?  I have little plastic containers for SOME of my son's pencils/markers/building block sets, but there are STILL lots of toys that end up in the bottom of the toy basket never seeing the light of day until I decide to roll up my sleeves and dig.  Which one of us couldn't use one of THESE babies?

Grand Giveaways is giving US residents the chance to win their choice of either of these toy organizers from CSN Stores.  But HURRY!  This giveaway ends TOMORROW, 4/20/2010!

More kiddy fun - my son really wants his own digital camera ... but he's 9 ... and a boy .... and really rough with mechanical things (he has gone through at least 4 MP3 players, none of which work any longer).   VTech (one of my go-to's for Christmas presents last year) has a durable, almost kid-proof (and I say almost because, well ... if you're a mom, you already know) digital camera just for the bebes!  The Shopping Mama is giving you a chance to win your choice of a blue or pink Kidizoom Camera!  My son wouldn't even say, "Mom!  It's too babyish-looking!" since it's NOT:  If you have a US mailing address, enter before 4/24/2010 for your chance to win one of these!:

I've been reading about Sodastream for a few months now ... I really really want one!  I'm not a HUGE soda fan, but I like the thought of being able to make my own at my convenience.  Summer is almost here, and it would be a great cool-me-down (and I know my kiddo would have a blast!)  One Savvy Mommy is giving YOU the chance to win a Pure Sodastream Machine along with a variety of mixes.
This is another HURRY!!! as it ends tomorrow, 4/20/2010 at 12 PM PST!!

I cherish big, pretty bags!  I always carry a cute tote or purse with me, as I always stash a book, a take-along knit or crochet project, my dig cam for getting those spur-of-the-moment shots, and the usual mini makeup bag, wallet, etc.  Well, Sugar Pop Ribbons is giving us a chance to win a bag or purse of choice from Pauline Carcach.  You gotta visit this site!  Her stuff is "to die for" gorgeous!  If I win, I would choose this (because I really do need a nice duffel bag, since my daughters have 'borrowed' the ones that I had.  I have a feeling those borrowed bags may never make it back home):

Roomy and doesn't it look buttery-soft?  Be still, my heart!

That is all for today!  I think that there's something for everyone!  Get out there and win something!


  1. Thanks so much for posting my giveaway! Neat post!

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  3. Wow... that's a whole lot of giveaways! Thanks for the information.

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