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Thursday, March 12, 2009

My first blog post

I must admit that I am coming late to the blogging world.

I READ blogs, I have tons in my favorites; I read knitting blogs, political blogs, personal blogs. I was signed up for MySpace and Facebook almost the moment they became active. But I never felt the need for my own blog.

What kind of blog will this be? I'm not sure, probably a collection of the important things in my life and the hobbies I love. My children, my social justice work, my knitting/crocheting/quilting/cross-stitch, my life such as it is.

I am fortunate to have a loving family and a small circle of supportive friends. I don't have much in material wealth, but I have what I need and a little more, which should be enough for anyone.

I will try to come on every other day or so to post a little.

Right now, I am looking for a job and keeping myself busy with knitting for my daughter, my new granddaughter and for charity.

I am also in the the brain thought process of designing a baby blanket. Two nights ago, I dreamt of this blanket - is that crazy or what? I actually woke up in the middle of the dream and remembered it (I usually don't remember my dreams; they're just a fuzzy recollection of random images). I know that it will be a process; I want to do it in two colorways, and it's intarsia work. Then I'll have to have a person or two test-knit it for me. After that, I'll have to decide whether to offer it free or at a small price that I will split with Ravelry (after all, being on that site is what is inspiring my creative juices!).

I've already decided which yarn I want to use; I have two of the colors, but need to buy another two and probably more skeins of the colors I already have stashed.

So, that is my intro such as it is and I hope to visit again soon.
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